Coupling heads and overrun brakes for trailers and caravans

Do you need a coupling head or an overrun brake for your trailer? Then Valeryd is your answer. We manufacture high quality overrun brakes and coupling heads that fit most caravans and trailers available on the market. With us at your side you can feel safe all the way.

Coupling head/hitch

Among Valeryd’s product range you will also find coupling heads for braked trailers 750-3500 kg and unbraked trailers 750–1200 kg. If you are uncertain whether a coupling head is suitable for your trailer this can be easily resolved. Just search our website.

Overrun brakes

Sometimes there are examples of ingenious technologies that can astonish you, the overrun brake is one such example. A brake of this kind slows a trailer with the help of the trailer’s own weight. Valeryd’s overrun brakes are perfect for braked trailers and caravans from 950 to 3500 kg.

The actual overrun brake is attached to the car via the hitch. The technique of this design involves the hitch being located in a tube that can move forwards and backwards, which means that when the brakes are applied on the car the overrun brake is pushed together. The overrun brake and wheel brakes are joined via the brake transference. The force that arises is transferred from the tube in the overrun brake to the wheel brakes via cables and rods. The force generated in the overrun brake activates the brake mechanism in the wheel brakes. Friction then occurs between the brake drum which is attached to the wheel and brake shoes. This friction means the speed of the trailer decreases and the vehicle combination slows. An ingenious solution that really facilitates the work of transporting something from A to B.