Trailer axles and wheel brakes

Trailer axles

A trailer axle is a key element for a fully functioning trailer or caravan. If the axle has been damaged, worn or if it has corroded it will need to be replaced. Should the wheel brakes on you braked trailer need to be renovated it is usually best and the least expensive to replace everything instead of renovating an old and worn axle.

Braked & Unbraked trailer axles

At Valeryd you will find both braked trailer axles and unbraked trailer axles from a number of manufacturers and in many dimensions. In the unlikely event the axle you need for your trailer or caravan is not available we can manufacture a custom axle for you. If this is the case, you only need to contact us for a delivery time and price.

Complete axle package for trailers

We also offer the market complete axle packages made up of axles, couplings as well as all parts for the brake transference.

Valeryd also provides loose axles for trailers whether it is with or without brakes.
Unbraked trailer axles:
We have unbraked trailer axles from 750-1000 kg
Braked trailer axles:
We have braked trailer axles from 750-1800 kg

Points to note when choosing an axle for a trailer or caravan:

Who manufactured your current axle? If you are unsure, this is can be stated either on the hub cap, on a plate located on the axle body or on the back of the brake anchor plate. Now find out which coupling you have. Finally, you need to know the total weight of your trailer and check the A, B and C measurements. Once you have done this, you need to choose an axle from the same manufacturer with the right measurements and a maximum weight that corresponds with the total weight of the trailer or a level above. Also, remember to check the diameter of the brakes.

Joining forces with Valeryd gives you a partner who, through sound knowledge and expertise, can provide you with just the parts that match your company’s or the individual’s particular and unique needs. Make decisions with the knowledge that everything will be carried out and completed in the approved fashion.