Jockey wheels and support legs for trailers and caravans

In truth, jockey wheels and support legs are a good idea. They are extremely important for the overall safety of your caravan or trailer. For example, the jockey wheel is cranked up a lot of times. On account of this, it is extremely important that jockey wheels and support legs are manufactured of the best quality. This is a guarantee in order to feel confident when transporting your towed vehicle and when it is at a standstill.

Jockey wheels

As mentioned, the jockey wheel is an important part of your trailer. Hitching and moving your trailer or caravan will be much easier with a good jockey wheel. Its importance is easy to understand, and this part of your towed vehicle should be looked after to ensure it always has the best capacity. If you keep it in good condition and replace it in good time when necessary you will have a transport vehicle that offers great road holding and which stands safely in position.

Support legs

The support leg is, as the name implies, a leg that helps to support and stabilise your trailer or caravan. It is very important to consider the type of surface that you towed vehicle stands on. It is not recommended to position your trailer or caravan just anywhere as there are limitations for what the support leg can handle. Support legs are not designed to support the whole weight of the caravan or trailer. Therefore, you should remember to have a good surface when you park your vehicle irrespective of whether it is for a short or long period.